The Seven Star Crests

  • There are 2 official Seven Stars Crests.
  • The first is the Silver Seven Stars “Approved Nomination” Crest .
  • This is provided to all approved nominees worldwide.
  • We strongly encourage nominees to showcase the fact that the Luxury Panel has approved them for nomination by placing this crest on their website and email signatures.
  • We also provide a url that links the nominees crest directly to the voting page of the awards.
  • Placing the nomination crest on the homepage of a property or product greately enhances the voting process by immediately informing the visitor regarding the nomination.
  • The Gold “Ordained Winner” crest is provided to all winners of the Signum Virtutis, the Seal of excellence.
  • This crest is to be placed on the homepage in order to immediately differentiate the particular property or product from a non winner.
  • Winning the Signum Virtutis signifies all round excellence and it is an extraordinary achievement of that sets winners in an elite class.
  • It separates the exceptional from the very best.
  • The Gold Seven Star Crest has no cost associated with it.

Use of crests:

  • The crests may be used on email signatures, websites, print material or any other initiative that the winners or nominees wish to embark on.
  • Both crests are License free and valid for one full year.
  • Once the year is over, the crests may remain on the email signatures and websites indefinitely and can also continue to be used on any form of Marketing or PR efforts.


  • Voting takes place on the website
  • Once the voting period opens, both the public as well as the trade can cast their votes
  • Each Voter can only vote once per sector per country
  • For more information on Voting please view Voting Instructions

The Plaque

  • The custom made Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards plaque signifies all round excellence for the awarded establishment.
  • The plaque may be showcased outside the entrance of the establishment or inside by the reception or in a display in the Lobby.
  • The plaques immediate visibility informs patrons of the extraordinary achievement of the property.
  • It also informs the guests that the establishment is part of the most exclusive group of Hotels/Resorts, Restaurants, Airlines, Golf Courses or Lifestyle products worldwide.
  • Plaques are available to all winners worldwide.
  • Winners who attend the official ceremony receive the plaque on stage free of any cost.
  • All plaques are made to order.
  • If a winner wishes to obtain a plaque but is unable to attend the ceremony the plaque can be shipped out at a cost + shipping.

Official Ceremony

  • Once a year the Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards hosts a lavish ceremony designed to showcase the winners of the Signum Virtutis, the Seal of Excellence.
  • This ceremony provides worldwide visibility for the winning property or product.
  • Each ordained winner is presented on stage by members of the Luxury Panel in front of, International media and fellow industry professionals.
  • Images of the Ceremony are placed on the website and are available for download. They can be shared to social media directly from the Gallery