Brand Toxicity!

Brand Toxicity is a reality. It sounds like something medicinal or some sort of liver defect however I think ,in the last weeks ,we have all seen what is probably the prime example of brand [...]


Yes, yes it’s that time of the week, time for another rant! This rant was prompted by something I read today on a post on LinkedIn. A very, justly so, proud hotelier posted regarding his [...]

Treated Like A King

Its been a few days since my last rant and I have been trying hard to hold this next one in but…I cant hold it in anymore. There will be a whole series of rants to follow and they will all [...]


Luxury is a word that in today’s world is suffering a lot of use and abuse. It has become so popular that you have things like luxury candy bars, luxury sport shoes and absurdities such as luxury [...]