Jean-Christophe Rousseau used to work in the decoration industry, using gold leaf to gild furniture & buildings (The Louvre museum, Château de Versailles, Salle Empire inside the Hôtel de Paris in Monaco, among others) and carried out many gilding projects with his team of craftsmen across the globe (Switzerland, USA,Russia, United Arab Emirates…).

He also had clients in the cosmetic industry (Sephora, YSL Beauty) and had a real market in the food industry by developing tailor-made products and acting as a supplier to some of the most prestigious companies and best chefs (Fauchon, Ladurée, Lenôtre, Alain Ducasse…).

He originally comes from the Burgundy region where he set up his business; he offered bottles of fine wine to his best clients as presents at the end of the year. Clearly, these were exceptional gifts already, but at the end of the day, there was no real link between wine and gold. Those reasons led JC to decide one day to put his flakes of gold into champagne bottles. This new present was a hit and everyone wanted to buy his product!

JC then proposed his idea to many large prestigious champagne companies. Their response was: “You can’t even consider adding anything to our champagne, even gold! You are out of your mind!” On one hand he had enthusiastic clients, on the other, he was facing overly traditional champagne houses stubborn in their own ways. Being the daring business man that he is, JC set out himself to create the first ever blending of champagne and pure 24K gold: LUXOR® became now COMTE DE MAZERAY®.

He has extended his know-how not only to the inside of his bottles, but also to their sublime exterior.

Golden engravings and personalized gilding on the bottles, reserved exclusively for stars and luxurious establishments. An exceptional know-how, unique to the world. JC has become a creator of jewelry to drink!

JC is an artist. He also collaborates with several luxury brands around the world in decoration, food & beverage or cosmetics, in order to create new products or to develop specific marketing strategies.

He is one of the panel members since 2013 for the exclusive Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards.

JC is passionate about Formula 1 and recently created the original website: “The F1 magazine that doesn’t talk about F1”.

His friends, often say, as a joke, “JC can really do anything”, and that’s when he decided to make it his own signature, like the wink of a pirate.

be inspired & live free – JC can do anything