Miriam Seferian , Shenkha’s founder, was born in Montreal, Canada and raised in a multi-cultural environment. The diversity in cultures that her family and city offered propelled her to explore her career and passion for the wellness industry internationally.

Miriam launched SHENKHA officially in 1997 from the desire to become a leading Spa development group. Since, boasts 20 years of success offering turn-key solutions being an integral part of every Spa project she & her team have had the pleasure of being involved in.

It is with this keen in-depth understanding that balance is created between a Spa concept and the business behind it that clearly differentiates Shenkha in her industry.

SHENKHA’s strengths are not limited to the creativity that is required in developing a Spa Concept, this is generously complimented by a strong understanding of, and extensive hands-on experience in, Spa & Wellness business development and management.

SHENKHA’s creative processes embrace cultural richness and the natural elements provided by a Spa’s location. “Emphasizing these factors is vital to the success of every project, as these are the precious details that lead towards the birth of a Bespoke concept for every client.” Through Miriam’s acquired years of experience in Spa layout design, she’s proven her ability to work along side and guide internationally recognized Architects, Interior Designers & professionals in the branding industry, instilling strong professional relationships with.

“I have always felt it important to get to know and work closely with every client, keeping their interest in mind first and foremost. It’s the key to establish trust and ensure proficiency in the Spa concept ideas and maximizing revenue potential.”

Shenkha has a varied network of reputable Spa equipment manufacturers and product suppliers allowing each clients to have an interactive role in the selection process. This in turn gives every project its well-deserved uniqueness.

“My career choice is more than just something I do for a living, It’s my lifestyle.

I live and breath wellness in my day to day life. Meditation is a daily practice as is Yoga, Pilates spending time in nature and taking care of myself understanding how to nourish my body with clean and healthy foods. I’ve learned so much from the many wellness & holistic care professionals that I’ve met and worked with. This has proven to be an added value in the ability to provide every project with the knowledge and expertise for well-being programs.” Shenkha, led by inspiration and driven by passion for Well-Being.

With the objective to create unprecedented authenticity in well-being within spaces where the senses indulge.

SHenkha is your partner and together we bring to life your vision.