Prince Dimitri della Torre e Tasso was born in Cannes and attended schools in Italy, France and the UK.

He later went on to the Glion Hotel School in Switzerland.

Dimitri then took the step to go back to their ancestral home, the majestic Castello Di Duino in Trieste Italy, as Operations manager in order to implement the correct strategies and get everything ready for the Opening to the public and supervise the day to day operations thus ensuring everything was running at the most efficient level.

Possessing an extreme attention to detail, Dimitri embarked on another venture where his attention to detail could be used to its maximum potential. He became a consultant with IFH Worldwide as a mystery shopper.

Having Travelled the world and having had a chance to work with numerous Hotels and restaurants Dimitri also developed a strong interest in the world of fine Wines.

For this reason he co-founded Etiquette Wines in Brussels where he also runs the operations aspect of the business.

Dimitri is a great addition to the Luxury Panel of the Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards and brings with him a very important set of skills in the area of operations and inspections, both of which are crucial to the success of Hotels, Resorts and Restaurants worldwide.